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Preventive Maintenance Plans

Preventive maintenance plans can spot small problems before they become large. The Annual Maintenance Agreement Evaluates the Condition of the Following:

Gold Silver
Thermostat Calibration & Operation
Indoor Sir Coil Condition
Clean Air Filter
Relays & Indoor Unit Wiring
Indoor Temperature Rise/Fall
Outdoor Fan Blade Balance
Outdoor Fan Motor
Contractor Points
Starting Components
Outdoor Unit Wiring
Compressor Amperage/ Performance
Refrigerant Charge
Defrost Components
Reversing Valve Operation
Duct Work
Summer Cooling 10 Point Service Check
Install gauges and check operating pressure
Clean condenser coil with water
Check & Tighten all electrical connects
Lubricate bearings & motor where applicable
Inspect & clear condensate drain
Cycle & check thermostat for accuracy
Check & adjust fan belt where applicable
Check voltage & amperage to condensing unit
Clean or change up to 2 basic sir filters per system
Adjust charge to proper sub cooling or super heat per factory specs adding up to 1 pound of Freon at no additional charge
Winter Heating 10 Point Service Check
Inspect heat exchanger for cracks & soot
Adjust flame for optimum efficiency
Check fuel pipe & be sure of adequate draft
Check & clean burners as necessary
Check fuel supply for leaks & operating pressure
Check & clean pilot assembly
Check fan control & limit operation
Check & lubricate blower assembly as necessary
Cycle & check thermostat for accuracy
Clean or change up to 2 basic air filters per system
Plan Specifications
Annual Services
Unlimited Free Service Calls Outside Scheduled Appointments
Cost of First Unit
Cost of Each Additional Unit
Repair Discount
20% Off
20% Off

Our goal is to ensure that your investment is well maintained for years to come, providing you with optimal results!

Give us a call at 601-215-0011 to learn more or sign up today!


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